Our business is a hangout as much as it is a premier H-D® buying experience. We have customers who come here every Saturday; it's their social club. We love the fact that our customers feel comfortable enough in our store to hang out and relax. On the South side of our building, you'll find a patio that serves to welcome our customers and give them a place to sit while they enjoy our BBQ's on Saturdays during the riding season.Being "friendly" sounds simple, but sometimes stating the obvious is the best way to deliver a message. We are here to take away the fear of the unknown for new riders.The H-D® lifestyle is really a hip, fun, social group that is very welcoming to newcomers. Our vision of being the "friendliest" is a way to say "you will be treated with respect here". We are always looking to earn a long term relationship with our customers.


Unlike a big city dealership, we live, work and play in the same town as our customers. Our kids play ball together, we shop at the same grocery stores, we attend the same 4th of July parades - you name it, we are in it together. This means we're all here to make Greeley a great town and a nice place to live. Doing business with us means you are investing in our community. Our staff believes in the ownership's vision for the business, and we are trusted to take care of our customers as we see fit because we are a family. When it comes to making things "right" for our customers, the sky is the limit.